Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who Makes Pickguards For The Epiphone Sheraton Ii

HP C5280 All-in-One e Linux

One problem I had and which fortunately I solved thanks to a blog is for the HP C5280 printer under Linux. I state to be a Ubuntu user at the time but still 4.8 64bit Linux distribution is not critical.
The printer is recognized instantly, enter your PC via USB. Print well, scans well with Sane and slots of memory cards are properly recognized, as regards maintenance functions like cleaning and aligning the heads of these are done directly from the printer and not via the PC software.
The only function for which there is no management software that HP does not provide for Linux is printing on CD / DVD printable.
Actually, HP does not offer this feature even for other OS but the box is a CD to install Roxio Express Labeler that lets you take advantage of printing on discs but only for MS and Mac On Linux
necessary to create a model with a certain size within the circle marks the limit within which coincide because our label is then printed in the disc.
Well you avoid fatigue, also downloaded the file. Odt for OOo from here. This already includes one of my label and do right to remove image-> remove, add another one to go to insert-> picture-> file / scanner and the image can then be adapted and collimated.
Before importing a label, try to crop as much as possible so as to have the image round in a box whose sides are tangents to the image as much as possible, this will allow you to collimate the image in the template with more margin On the contrary the image can diverge.
To see the reference circle centered at the image and take you right in the background.
Last but not least, the template provides a reference by which the press is correct, you may overhang up to print in the complete filling of the disc without leaving a white border at the periphery but in my case the printer leaves a small slice of the top surface is not printed. I think it's a limitation of the printer and not of our templates ...
For information, the supplied Roxio leaves an edge in my opinion and plenty of printing I do not even own centratissima ...
The internal limits of the press are not present in the template as it varies depending on the media. Although the transparent part of the disc will be printed, this will not be a problem, the ink is easily removed with toilet paper, careful not to pull the inkiostro otherwise you get on the good smudge, staying clean in circular movements with the paper on transparent part.
work is finished let it dry. The press will be gentle enough to avoid this I suggest buying a can of aerosol spray from semi-gloss varnish for protection (not recommended for glossy and matte). This if properly done will give the work a truly professional look.
thank for my experience Andrea Lazzarotto blog from which I downloaded the first template.


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