Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ice Cleats For Excavator

acer one big mistake: I hate love

my colega has an acer one. It 's beautiful much of my asus eeepc 700
the screen is great. The linux install is very carnissimo but armored.
But like all good things there 's a downside. the system is shielded until everything is perfect ..... but in this pc the sound is not right.
is not a hardware failure in the audio player multimendiale work, it's definitely a software problem. Then try the menu does not offer anything but the volume control lever, however, already made. We are looking for a console. Not easy after half an hour of digging I find that with alt + f2 you enter the shortcut from there and you can type xterm 'finalemte open a console. Nothing mc is not installed and there is a program for the rpm packages and feel. The only editor is vim not know if I am. Both yum rpm which are textual. lsmod there ', there modprobe'. I start to get nervous there 'a tool for configuring the hardware in short you can not do almost anything. Discouraged call acer support. Result? After exposing the problem the only solution is to reinstall everything. Yeah .... pity that the sound never went, and then reinstalling the result also will be the same ...... So I start
understand why all install ubuntu ... Armored
is good only until everything is okay.


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