Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sore Itchy Stretch Marks

Fender Frontman 25R

After purchasing the RG370 DX I needed a new amp that would allow travel practical, and had clean with reverb and drive to play even a volume chamber, and all for a figure that did not exceed the 130 €.
Obviously you should be a solid state but I had no idea what to search, I had nichilizzato JCM800/900 the marshall and the only transistor that I owned was a small Yamaha GA-10 with clean and drive and which you have managed to sustain a distorted and disgusting and not only with a crackling BOSS SD-1 pedal. Note that the price of the pedal exceeds that of the only amps.
Keeping into account the limits of the cone 7 "this, the sound is still up and free from any kind of depth
With this experience behind him and considering that the GA-10 I had paid € 69 in a shopping center, not I expected some great things with a maximum of 130 €.
Well, I went here, so I do not advertise, and there, between this amp, the bass player (the assistant high with long blond hair) directed me to the Fender Frontman saying that they played very well.
The look on the singer immediately striking style type vintage Black Face.
Now I ask you to try one 15W, looking small and handy with all the requirements I was looking for and plus two entrances left and right for external audio source.
to hear if they meet the famous Fender clean, I tried it with a layer Mexican was there and I liked the result, then, with a ibanez can not remember the model with two humbuckers, but when I put the channel drive, the drive to the max, you just rose too much reverb, like 3-4, he felt a strong continuous whistle, it seemed an interference with the reverb.
I call the bass player and I put it to him and he confirmed after trying this defect which also had all the 15R in the store. Just out of curiosity try
then if the 25R reported the same problem. No, this was ok, same features plus a footswitch jack and a deeper sound.
Eventually I took it with the addition of 50 euro max amount I wanted to spend.
Even now I consider it a good buy which also is maintaining its value.


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