Monday, February 16, 2009

What To Do Before Uv Tanning

sl on eeepc 700 !!!!!

Sometimes miracles do happen ..... and this is one of those times.
It 's a term that hangs out in Second Life. Logical question what second life?
E 'a virtual world distributed and decentralized Internet. In practice a kind of 3D online game in which, however, 'there is maximum freedom of action and movement.
Is it possible to access both as a resident is paying a subscription as a guest in this case for free. I refer to the documentation that abounds on the internet about it.
course access is very heavy. Download a client that a specific program that you install and connate to the Internet and requires a very fast connection. Dialup access is impossible and even the PC with your shoulders must be square (at large). A net book as my asus should not be able to function. However we have tried.
I must say that without my colleague Sofia's goading me all the time I would never succeed. The first issue addressed is that you must install the Linux client. It 'pretty big download and requires a bit of time. I've downloaded the sd external security. Once downloaded it unzipped. I use for this kind of operation from midnight commander console. I remember sull'asus with the installed Xandros Linux distribution to start the console terminal you would type ctrl + alt + t. Unzip the of about 50 megs takes some time and lots of free space on the internal NAND. Once I unpacked the files are copied in to my user (default user). I do these operations as the super user to run the client and counsel sl as super user. Xandros has installed servers and then security is not seriously compromised. At launch, unfortunately the client does not work .... it's getting difficult. In short, after many attempts we realized that the problem was not the OpenGL library but the resolution of the X server For resolution. you need to edit the xorg.conf in / etc/X11. DefaultDepht the value is set to 16 but must be made 24. We must of course be super user and should be immediately restarted. The problem is not the screen size but the depth of color. The default is 16 bit (65000 colors), but the client wants the sl in true color (32 bit 16 million colors). xandros eeepc and does not provide 32-bit mode but provides for a 24-bit. Using this resolution with a little patience the client side. Does
disable the audio in its entirety and to minimize the visual detail and even then it is almost useless but it works and im the system works perfectly. The screen is a bit 'too small. By connecting an external monitor becomes usable even if the processor speed is very low. I think we should improve the video driver to get an acceptable speed. However
between this result and the operation of the step is not very long.
the end to want to watch it is a true miracle.


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