Friday, February 27, 2009

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Kit Guillows P51Mustang

The only experience Balsa kit I owned back like twenty years ago and the result was disastrous, the fuselage and wings were "imberlate" and the plane would never have done ten yards straight ahead.
However, the experience had left me with the desire to try again, something I had never done well because of that these models have had a drop in sales, at least in my area, and is not found.
One day visiting a business model of my sight fell on these kits that made me remember my adventure and I saw the price down now taken this beautiful P51 Mustang.
Since purchasing the building has been nearly two years, I needed inspiration, but I finally found a couple of days and I and now the finished result, even if not perfect, I was happy enough.
The kit was specified not to color the model if it was going to use it for flight, but for me I've always done static model, so it was all gray and a shame I did not think too much in color.
the end I was left alone to attack the decals that were not just decals, but only prints on a piece of paper to cut and paste.
I must say the only drawback is these Guillows kit "decal" that I refused to apply and not having a suitable model and not to leave the "naked" I set out to create templates on a sample of the decal to then paint signs directly on the plane just like they do in reality. It 'was the hardest work of all the kit but in the end the result was always the best decal paper.
Plus I did it again with a sheet of aluminum present on those two panels that show the belly of the muzzle in the kit and that the holes were present between the decal, again the result is not bad though once glued in place you can see the importance of the edges on the fuselage.
Other changes from the original kit were milling balsa to create the holes at an air intake under the nose of the propeller and the other under the belly as originally provided for these holes were not simulated by two black decal. And finally I glued to the edge of air intake under the nose with an edge because the surplus of the metal rod in the kit to make the carts, this is because in a test flight the plane landed there, and banging was ruined enough, now even though we have repeatedly slammed the area does not suffer damage.
I have not finished the model with the doors of trucks, with the rubber duck antenna with dorsal or tail wheel to deal with two circles of balsa as parties that would have immediately broken in the first flight.
the end as the second balsa kit the result is not too bad and takes off on its own even if she gets only about three feet and then gliding landing.
Council this kit is the quality of the materials of the project but get yourself true scale of the decal in that unless you want to paint and a plastic tail wheel.
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