Friday, February 27, 2009

Basket For Stroke Patients

Ibanez RG370 DX e Fender Frontman 25R

What a fantastic pairing!
are increasingly of the opinion that every guitar amp get along with certain other than that. The thing is subject to personal taste but I must say that the Ibanez RG370 DX with its INF3, and INFS3 INF4 series sounds just fine with the Frontman 25R.
The amp has the advantage of having a very loud volume, but even at low volumes it performs well and has a great reverb but the bottle high to especially on high clean.
The resulting sound gives a good clean and crystal clear and the guitar selector positions 2 and 4 we are very close to the resonance layer as the two humbuckers are split into single.
As for the drive channel where I use only the positions 1 and 5, here you feel the power of the two humbuckers and the sound can play well on everything from rock to heavy metal and in the latter case, if you put the average to zero, then it is a horse with a beautiful sound compressed.


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