Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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In this period, through Danix I found this language open source freeware for windows

This is a jewel. Such a basic but
interpreted pseudo compiler with simple commands to quickly access Windows DLLs and interacts easily with the programs on your PC by automating operations. E 'was also made a powerful structure that features a bee extended language. with this structure in practice you can access all the features of Windows
simple but comprehensive and powerful is the ideal place to write simple Windows interface. I started to play some simple programs. The thing that struck me the most, and 'that even being an interpreted language speed is considerable. I would say to the impression that pays mega noble languages \u200b\u200bsuch as Delphi and vb.net. The current machines are monsters:-D
Certainly it is not as VisualBasic simplicity and speed of development but it has its advantages. It allows you to touch the metal.
This is a double-edged sword: on one hand gives you great freedom but on the other forces you to be strict punishment entropy Programmator that overwhelms you and makes you unable to complete development.
This language is clear and especially those 'able to arrange care with the design of the software.
The dark side is instead the dependence on third-party API. Sometimes some things that should be trivial are impossible because of the inhomogeneous behavior of the bees themselves.
In conclusion I would say that it 'was a great language with defects
1 and 2' for Windows
2 requires great expertise.


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