Friday, December 19, 2008

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year end surprises

As each end of the year for me this is the time to balance my work and the year on information technology in general for me is
I was a year in which the product soon after all. Few will
little motivation, distractions, and many internal problems.
have borne the brunt of my major projects and large sdlBasic framework.
I think it's normal to have every now and then a decline, however, have not been stopped, however, I still learned a lot, which is fundamental for me. Of course my best years were clearly different. Is there anyway to tell my partial excuse that my work has really created a lot of problems and anxieties, with so much uncertainty and many ghosts have inhabited my mind. The new year starts much better: I feel good with an open mind and a lot more peaceful even if the horizon there are many doubts, so many unknowns. We'll see :-D I'm curious to see how it ends.
On the other hand, overall this year marked the birth of a new niche in computers: the netbook. early years was for the asus eeepc.
a subnotebook as it was called at first but soon it became clear that the vocation of this PC is not to replace the notebook to aid economy but by how extreme portable travel to surf the Internet and keep in touch and the limit to produce simple documents, not to develop software or to play the latest games. Hence the mutation in netbooks, as happier. It should also be said that the other feature that has distinguished the family eeepc and its competitors is the price. She had never seen a successful new computer sold with a price so aggressive. The success was truly remarkable way above expectations and has even approached people to information that previously they had been considering a flat world away. The choice to use Linux as a bell'impulso sales since linux has finally shown that not only is ready for normal use but in most PCs provide a series of benefits that can do this favor. Lightweight virus free ease of use and robustness have made the success of Linux netbooks. The only negative is, as usual, the poor training of professionals who may seek to increase their revenue always pouring out windows. it must be said however that the netbook is usually installed winxp much lighter and much easier for Windows Vista is currently still off limits on these machines.
The other big news of 2008 is no doubt that Facebook and all its siblings. He had started myspace and overseas is still highly regarded but facebook is still able to penetrate into Europe and is becoming the Google of social networks. It 's amazing to see how quickly everyone involved. I quickly found friends list full of people met at different times and on different occasions. But above all, allowed me to meet new people that despite being close to me did not know about interests and passions. These
my new friends gave me a lot. Now I feel much less a different and I realize to be a drop in the bucket. Outside there is a lot of people like me and even better than I do that with me to share thoughts passions opinions, people really well with their stories for their successes and failures of their sorrows and their joys. Solcial network can really improve the world.
Using these tools creates a certain dependency that may be deleterious. I would say that may be too dangerous to bury them. Of course it is very nice fuck and see their friends online in this fb is not less than messenger that willy-nilly in fact had already created a similar community. It would be enough to allow messenger to share the friends list to have the same fallout. But I think after a while every person reach by a good balance and the budget cost / income senz'latro positive.


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