Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cdkay Mount And Blade

Well yes I too have been kidnapped by the charm of virtual machines and Ubuntu on my trust I run a virtual system that I use to do experiments.
I recently brought this system from development to testing.
For several months I have been thrilled. Then a bad night a strange surprise: for reasons which I have yet to clarify, I found myself completely reset the machine when you first install. Fortunately I work with svn for which the data are not lost, however, data relating to development but I can assure you that I do not turn little. Drawbacks
still my inexperience and lack of convenience commands virtualbox (I understand why there is no export command to easily export a virtual machine on another PC)
What is certain, 'which is a way to go It will be difficult, but also in the long run will be the only viable option. time operating systems that run natively is the fruit and how at that time was to metalblasher assembler and direct hardware access will soon be a distant memory and anebbiato .....


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