Monday, December 22, 2008

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google code

few days ago I decided to make a home more inviting to framework.
There are several commercial and non-places, for this purpose.
My priority was, however, for a host that would provide me a service svn .
Explain why I'm interested in is long and require a separate article, can I still say that is really comfortable.
The best service of its kind for an open-source project is the stranoto sourceforge.
I have 2 projects on SF and I am all things good. However, try something different is not bad. Considering how beautiful and efficient Google I eventually opted for Google Code project hosting.
The registration process is automatic and of course in English, who develops a minimum MUST know this language. It requires a Google Account that is a mail and a little 'patience to compile iform boot. After recording space is granted without further checks. The visibility is not very high but this can also be an advantage because it takes away the trollame varied.
The project page is in the very simple style big G of course like all Google Code in English but is fully understandable.

The composition is tabbed
  • the Project tab-home: it is the main board with a summary of the project name. There is also the under card updates containing the history of the operations performed.
  • download tab you can insert the file that the developer / user may want to download. The operation is similar to that of groups: simple.
  • card wiki for collaboration is clearly implemented and writing documentation. It must be said that a wiki is not a traditional type as you see in fashion now. However, for a developer is not a problem
  • issues the card is actually a faq management applications reporting bugs. Simple and natural to use very flexible in my opinion is a good choice for the management of support operations and iteration with users
  • source card is the card referred to the svn service. And 'well-placed with a sub-set and for references and instructions and a browse list of svn commit. Simple and well done
  • finally the Administer tab where you can edit the project page and links with other services

I think, overall, a service well done. Simple and efficient is very suitable for projects of all sizes and all ambitions. I must say that if you do not have ethical problems (google is not the devil nor the holy water :-)) I'd say Molot apetite as a place especially if you already have a close-knit team and you need only the services you have any projects or to donate to world without too much red tape.


I gave the name progettto dvx-box and you can see here


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