Thursday, December 4, 2008

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virtualbox (non) tipiziamo data

Hello, once again, I sometimes have a problem related to the absurd world of computing Microsoft: titpizzazione data. From this feature of the modern I always just made world of trouble.

In particular troubles arise with the dates. Ok and 'easy to make comparisons between two dates and have a rational answer and easy to convert but at what price!

The latter is of recent days. I did a few months for data entry on a openoffice excel (. Xls) quietly. This is a trivial little spreadsheet columns. but I cheated ..... I have a date field in format DD / MM / yyyy I have to use four digits for years because it is the years from 1870 to the first of the 900 ...... vo is that it takes. I could use a text field much more flexible, among other things is that I have to make comparisons with the date and also happen to have enter strange or incomplete data in this field. But if I had acted with raziocigno would not be here to write .... so I uploaded data with the folly of fools unaware, thinking that I would never have encountered problems on standard office.

Then the abyss. A fellow with problems asking me to replace her with another pc because it has problems: obviously the one I use for data entry. I try to dissuade her knowing that she works and office use on this machine will have big problems here and saw that 'just installed openoffice documents with her but you know sometimes people are worse than mules and see ghosts where there are so taken I run to exhaustion by the insistence of the change pc.

I'm not telling all the troubles the thing that got me, but I never thought of having to make a rentry of all dates for office 1997 installed on old PC I was literally pulled idiot showing the most unlikely characters that exist in the date field. I would love to know who designed the data type of date: I lot of things to ask .........


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