Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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autoit google Chrome

I found Google Chrome as usual through a friend in messenger.
When I reported it to me After missing ..... noooo google mozilla and betrays his own business: an earthquake!!
already glimpse the apocalypse with firefox left to itself without the support and funding from big G. Yeah my friend Zoiba tranquillizava me now ..... Google will continue to provide support to Mozilla. So how to interpret this browser alternative and competing?
a simple experiment and the search for new markets and new mechanisms to invade to capture even more information about users. But never judge things from the outside. Let's try it.
I started to view. For Linux is not 'available at the moment though it seems it is developing. I suppose the problem is related to the functionality 'that creates dynamic links to desktop in order to access a website on the fly.
the installation requires a fast connection: does the download from the online setup ....
behavior and 'egregious. Cute and simple as all that comes from big G seems to respond very well and is compatible with all the pages so far seen. Also java and flash are doing well. From all the tools like google the impression of being quite invasive.
Now prviamolo the old vaio. Here scrichiola a little 'and the disc begins to whip the answer latita ..... and 'much heavier than firefox. also on facebook pages often misses the mark .... it seems that the javascript code no longer runs after a partial update of the page. A solvable problem but annoying.
add that additional accessories and themes strength of firefox are absent and the house of cards collapses ....
I would say that Firefox can 'rest easy for now. Chrome and 'nice but it' still very far from the red fox and will remain so until far Google will not be able to do is continue to support Mozilla development.


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