Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pokemon Yellow Rom Cydia

take off of work 4 hours a week

In recent times are increasingly involved in things that I take off time to spend on the PC. This might seem negative but I find that in fact is doing so far I've thrown away a lot of time in jobs that are unnecessary. A very clear example is the mail. For years I have divided the mail by subject and I have many folders stored with care in dedicated. the aim was to have them in order. Operation unnecessary given the fact that I 'never ever have the time to reread the old andarmi mail. When I was running out of time I go lsciato the mail and at the end to not have a folder with thousands of mail I just set up thunderbird so that display only the unread mail and any mail related. This simple configuration is saving me many hours to the pc and did not in fact against any indication. That 'still just the tip of the iceberg. In the future I hope to remove many unnecessary work that really only serve to distract my attention on the real problems. We have to become more vertical, more effective in our lives because computer we also have a social life to be lived and that 'motion more important than this ....


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