Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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waiting to catch up on ebay a PCI SATAII controller at an affordable price to install on my system K6III + in order to eliminate the bottleneck constituted by the record, I recovered from an old server out of three disks with Pentium IV 9.1GB SCSI Quantum Atlas 160 and I immediately wanted to test them with an equally old controller that I had an Adaptec 2940UW SCSI. I state that he never had any experience with SCSI systems, and therefore to properly install and configure I first documented.
Despite the documentation I found was exhaustive and complete I initially had problems with the correct configuration of the CD-ROM ATA which although not recognized boot. The problem was only resolved this by setting the jumpers to Cable Select and connect them so it was on the second ATA channel slave of the mobo.
For installation and configuration are parties with the installation of Ubuntu 8.04 is already here and the first differences are noted.
First with the Hot Rod 100 PCI controller and a disk ATA133, so in UDMA5, the same installation hangs at 6% and then after kept waiting, the system said that something had gone wrong, then trying the installation with Ubuntu 7.10 who underwent a nerve-wracking pause at 6%, this ended after about 2 hours without errors to obtain a correctly installed. Now with Ubuntu 8.04 with the SCSI and the installation has proceeded on a regular basis even if not in the short term, over an hour, but at no cost and resulting in a system installed successfully.
During boot the OS with SCSI you have not improved in terms of time but the system loaded when you start other programs that the whole is more responsive while the ATA100 with a program like GIMP was loaded and made available in installments now SCSI there was a load that tends to offer the end applet completely ready. Another example would be the window menu with Ubuntu ATA100 first opened in gray and while loading it offered all the menu icons, now with SCSI you press the button and boot Ubuntu now offers a full menu while not immediate but however, faster than with ATA100.
Everything but did not eliminate the bottleneck disk system has opened my eyes to how this ATA has never been what you thought.
I replaced with a gaming ATA100 transfer theoretical maximum of 100Mb/sec. from UW with a SCSI 40MB/sec. having the same results if not even better! Considering that
nell'ATA100 100Mb/sec. are theoretically possible transfer half so 50Mb/sec., though the SCSI should be less, but NO!
So why pretend ATA systems by identifying them with their theoretical limits in practice when the transfers are not even 40% of that value??
The same goes for ATA133, SATA and SATAII. If I was the first
looking for a SATAII controller and then having to buy a SATAII hard, now I just try, and I have found, a UW160 SCSI controller which is undoubtedly better than any system SATAII ...
All we are used to fill the first disk SATA PATA hours just because the manufacturers provide the mobo with those controllers that cost them nothing and make them pay us not to mention the full records on and eventually live with systems that do hiccups and we are well pleased!
SCSI Try it once and do not let him ever again. GUARANTEED.


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