Friday, March 6, 2009

Examples Of A Follow Up Email Regarding Interview

Trucco per Gigabyte GA-5 AX rev 5.2

Super7 Motherboard Chipset ALi AladdinV (ALi1541 ALi1543C +) with 512 KB of L2 and support ATA66. The card offers many options for overclocking, however, suffers from a problem of construction that limits this possibility. The problem is that the voltage regulator is mounted on the main board so as not to facilitate cooling but is made to adhere to the card with the metal and bound with screw and nut. By placing the card with the USB ports, mouse and keyboard, etc.. up, the controller in question is located near the battery in the upper right. The voltage regulators get very hot and heats more efficiently regulate voltage less divenedo source of instability especially in the PC. Regulators voltage typically have a flat metal surface suitable to be made to adhere to a heat sink. This area which stretches to the top of the component, presupponedo the bottom of the contacts, has a hole where the screw to pass in order to maintain adherence with the flap.
sure to save on production costs, Gigabyte instead of using aluminum fin, the governor has made to adhere directly to the board that in addition to being a good conductor of heat causes excessive heating of the component and all its neighbors. The trick is to remove the screw and nut slowly raise the component and perhaps using the same screw and nut attach a generous the aluminum heat sink, perhaps even putting the silver thermal paste between the two.
After this operation, I could use the frequencies previously unthinkable bus, up to 130MHz!


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