Monday, March 2, 2009

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The latest CPUs from AMD Socket7, particularly Super7 that supports a 100MHz bus and beyond. The core of the + (plus) differs from the nucleus of normal K6 for the production process which is at 0.18 micron copper with the aluminum to o.25 of all previous K6. This allows less and less cosume overheating resulting in a CPU suitable for laptops. The absence of internal blocks that finally makes it great for CPU OC (OC).

The chipsets that support the latest CPU and the VIA MVP3 ALi Aladdin V having such features as support for AGP 2X and with maximum memory allocation of 768MB of RAM for everyone. There was also the Aladdin7 an integrated video chip with AGP 4X.

From the K6III, so even K6II + and III +, the core is provided with an internal L2 cache running at the same frequency and is 128Kb and 256Kb for K6II + for III and III +. The onboard cache is then used as an L3 ulterirmente that increases performance for these CPUs.
A technique for the OC actually born with K6 decapping is the bargain of the core uncovered by removing the aluminum plate attached to the ceramic substrate by means of silicone adhesive present at the corners using a cutter. With this technique and the use of sinks in copper and silver paste is obtained by the dissipation driven ideal for OC.

The OC is limited only by the quality of construction and quality components, and virtually all CPU K6III + ACZ and ACZM, from 400 to 550 Mhz, 600Mhz to run quietly without overvolt Rock Solid, above this threshold it all depends on a myriad of factors that we could gather in the variable has an ass.
Personally I had a good variable because my ass K6III + 450 ACZ runs Rock Solid at 633Mhz with these settings: 115Mhz bus x 5.5 to 2.4 Vcore with L2 cache enabled me fries to 120MHz which is the next bus setting as possible.
course for those of overclocking you must use PC133 SDRAM 168pin and you must have a VGA Cards PCI and PCI bus supporting a highly overclocked, I had to replace the network card because it could not keep up!
The resulting system is still used for office type applications / internet with multimedia content.
Mine is as follows:
CPU: K6III +450 ACZ @ 633Mhz Solid Rock
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-5 AX rev.5.2 bios F4 (latest)
VGA: GeForce FX 5900XT
HD 256Mb DDR: 3 x 9.1GB Quantum Atlas IV
UW160 SCSI Controller: Adaptec SCSI AHA19160 UW
Audio: Creative Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
LAN: 10/100 LAN Realtech 8139
Firewire: VIA firewire PCI card
All running under Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy with Compiz and all the graphical effects enabled at random and with control of the CPU PowerNow enabled. Hacking with the Compiz suitors remains at 380Mhz!
Surfing the net does not feel the difference with my other Operon180 ...
have not yet switched to Ubuntu fiesty Intrpid or due to the fact that nVidia does not yet support the FX 5900TX with the new kernel and I do not think it will ever ...
I hope the article will please lovers of the Super7 and K6III +.
I read around that are K6III + III-perform at the same frequency, I'd like to know ... xke


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