Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chocolate Maxine Clipart


I own an Acer Aspire One A150-Bw (seashell white) it's a 8.9" LCD netbook with N270 CPU and a i945GMS chipset with a i950GMA inside, the HD is a 160Gb@5400rpm and the istalled memory was originally of 1Gb (512Mb on board+512Mb on a module), now the RAM is 1,5Gb.
It has a standard amount of connections ports, 3 USB2, 1 ethernet LAN, 1 standard VGA 15 pins, 1 mic jack and 1 headphone jack and 2 slots for memory cards, one only for SD cards and one multy (SD, XD, Memory Stick...). The wirless connection is assured by a Atheros AR5BX card with standard G, there isn't any Bluetooth chip inside!
The pc, considering the hardware, is fast and reactive, I use Ubuntu Linux with an optimized kernel (2.6.30-5 Skumpic), by now with this kernel and the intel driver integrated I can get the fastest vga capabilities, I can run compiz desktop with the various desktop effects enabled and have a compizbenchmark not under 50fps with a youtube flash running and the cube desktop in rotation!!! I can also play Enemy Territory and Quake on the web. I can also get a video from an analogue camera Hi8 thru a Dazzle DVC-101 with cheese, the resolution is set medium but the result is not bad!
The AOA 150 is very beatiful and solid but it's not the best netbook!
For this kind of pc the powerfull CPU is the N280 wich runs at 1.66Ghz@667fsb the N270 runs a bit lower, 1.6Ghz@533Mhz but the speedest bus of the first enache also the global system frequency, RAM and VGA runs faster than with a N270.
Generally a netbook equpped with N280 CPU allows to use an amount of 2Gb of RAM.
The wireless connection is the base for a netbook and a standard N is the best by now, not so important is the Bluetooth but it's better havig it and with a 2+EDR standard.
Many are the netbooks with this hardware inside but there is one that have one more feature.
The capability of OVERCLOCKING the sistem by pressing some keys!
This is the MSI U100 plus series, the overclock capability is guaranteed by the MSI bios, while you are running your SO, on demand, you can overclock by pressing two keys.
In my opinion the beautiful netbooks are acer's but also MSI is good.


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