Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Does Bv Cause Irregular Periods

General Mobile DSTL1

Dovendo gestire due SIM simultaneamente e volendo Android have a phone with the only choice at the time was that this phone also SCIPHONE N21. From
networked video and the device is very square with a glossy front, from the video phone seems older and more often but the reality is different, once in the hand appeared to me to dimensions similar to those of a N73 , slightly larger than this and less often! I've compared tenedoli hand in both, probably more mm mm dimensions are less than those of an N95/N96. In his hand he looks very handsome and very light, the plastic will give evidence of goodness just in time ...
The phone has come in its box containing cell, battery, instruction manual in English, headphones, charging batt with transformer plug from USA to EU and, oddly, with a second battery charger with EU plug and USB port without connecting cable USB-> mini USB to connect the cell. This seemed a packaging error, however, better that way, I have two bacterial load in a generic USB port, the cable "missing" I had it even at home I have two ...
On the web it says that the cell has a 624MHz processor, so the rule for these devices, even the cpu usually adopted by other brands to be in deficit at 512Mhz but for fixed allocation of memory with 128Mb ROM + RAM +256 Mb. In return, the cell manages microSD SDHC up to 16GB.
Another peculiarity is the presence a Sony CCD camera with flash and 5Mpixel utofocus.
Android version 1.5 was the old one but the site General Mobile (very nice) is available for download the new version 1.6 also supports Donut Italian, improved batt consumption, improved wifi reception etc ...
The update was quick and easy, the instructions are really clear on the site.
Once you update the operating system, the initial splash screen has changed and for the better in my opinion, written by SCIPHONE on a black background that could be very low cinafonino category has gone to a professional and beautiful screen with logo General Mobile.
operating system also has been shown to immediately improvements, the Italian was by default and that the wifi does not connect with my first Ruter due to lack of channel settings, the router uses the 4, but the cell has a car, 11, 12 and 13, now entered the SSID, WPA2, the connection was immediate.
also improved the touch screen, while some problems I had with the G sensor that is calibrated well and it takes a bit '(a few minutes to place the three bubbles parallelea ground).
The G sensor is only for the rotation of 90 ° counterclockwise.
My conclusions are that even if it is aesthetically a pad in hand at the end is nice and light, have a larger display would be better but its 240x400 is more than enough and too bright, I have set to half brightness. There's also a stylus that is hidden entirely in the phone but believe me There is not a need, especially after the upgrade. Advanced features
has them all except for the built-in GPS but can handle two SIM cards simultaneously and independently is the most important features!
Android has been very nice and responsive, the virtual keyboard is really good.
I tried the HTC with Android and I appeared less reactive, although perhaps more sensitive LCD. The
I used is a microSD 8Gb SDHD CLASS6 I only used to update and Android does not have programs or files audio video.


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