Monday, November 9, 2009

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Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala e Network Manager

Network Manager has always been an itch for me because, in my experience, I was never able to simultaneously connect to the internet via HSDPA USB stick and a LAN or WAN. The final solution was to replace NM with wicd with whom I could also better manage the wireless while I used to HSDPA wader. This solution not only allowed me to surf the Internet and LAN simultaneously but also to manage SMS and agenda of the simcard. Other program
HSDPA UMTSmonitor is of the same characteristics but I preferred this wader for her looks than GTK. Now with Karmic
various things have improved including the NM that manages almost correct my Huawei E169 and the Atheros wireless AR5BXB63 but that still does not allows multiple connections. Then with regard to the E169 NM often before you make the switching-mode HSDPA modem must disconnect and reconnect a couple of times the key.
What's more, trying to install wader, I realized that you can not do because of python that seems to be to a higher version than that required as a dependency (python <<2.6). Devo ancora provare con UMTSmonitor.
I do not often need to use HSDPA and LAN or However, all wan to rely on this capacity is not just disconnect and when you need to reconnect the other side is really heavy ... At the end
NM still does not deserve its name despite now also supports Bluetooth, did better in another place instead of adding a feature ... On the site of wader
I noticed that the author added, however, by inserting the karmic ppa repos and trying wader not find anything ...
At the moment we can not be satisfied, Karmic seems faster on startup, read the archives of the mass of keys HSDPA, which was not the case with Jaunty, has nice graphics and beautifully supports netbooks (which I'm writing).


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