Sunday, May 31, 2009

Silverado Underseat Sub

JCM 800 1959

After the purchase of this head I realized that all over the web, but especially in specialized sites, not much is said about this 'amp indeed often music forum users posting questions about the strange name of this model and call features. In the production of the Marshall heads did great revolutions in terms of design to the exit of the JCM 800 2210 who was the first split channel (2 channels) where the channel distortion with reverb and boost circuits, solid-state a sort of pedal into the amp. All previous models JCM 800 (2203, 2204, 1987 and 1959) are nothing more than old and well known projects with a new look (for the '80s). At the end of the JCM800 1959 is none other than the circuit of a PLEXI SUPER LEAD 100Watt from the "new" cabinet of the JCM 800. The only difference for this circuit is the number of filters / caps (capacitors) present, six in the original project PLEXI while there are three in the JCM 800 1959. There should be no differences in terms of the expense of half the number of new caps in 1959, they have double the capacity compared to the first and therefore all adds up, however, are said to PLEXI have a softer sound, while the 800 seem to 1959 be more acidic. As far as I know all motano ECC83 valve pre and final British EL34 sounding.
Having to make a sort of technical details the JCM 800 1959 Dual Super Lead is a news channel from 100Watt with six pot for control of presence, bass, middle, treble, and volume adjustment and volumeII quttro input signal, one high and one Low cost per channel. The amp is not equipped with either a reverb send and return. A practice that is used to do on this amp is the bridge between the two channels through a cable jack to mix two different sounds by adjusting the volume (see photo). Not being a master volume to saturate the valves and get the distortion you can just turn up the volume, which means that a mere mortal Expanded to play with this or implement a master volume or get a power attenuator.
To describe the sound the only thing I personally can say is AC / DC, Van Halen, Jimmy Page. The soud is so packed that does not feel the macanza reverb.


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