Friday, May 15, 2009

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me that gave the dear colleagues for the transfer because of my passion for computing. Personally I had never considered a PC of this type since I already own a HP Compaq NX7400 offer a fantastic all-inclusive Alice which I upgraded EVERYTHING. Despite this, when I opened the package the surprise gift was very welcome, I had a new toy which "sweat". The model is equipped with 1GB of RAM and HD 2.5 "160GB. Netbook In ICS P was pre-installed for ultra edition that did not seem bad until, after a few minutes of use on the network, the virus has begun to report various intrusions. There are also models with Limpus Linux preinstalled, but they have a hardware equipment that despite the reduced OS and naturally more agile ICS P, make it too slow for applications other than simple web browsing and multimedia. The cause is the type of solid state HD that despite the low power consumption, offer a maximum transfer rate on 45Mb/sec in Reading and the figure is even lower than in writing. Fortunately this was not the If I had my Netbooks a standard HD 2.5 ". But the surprises about the goodness of the model I had yet to discover them all. Surfing is often read that the only possible upgrade is the increasing ram to reach the 1.5 Gb supported by the chipset, a i950GSE, and for this you must literally disassemble the PC as there is a special door. so now I go in search of education or experience about it on the web that is not hard to find. Once you open I find the machine a few things that make me appreciate the invoice or I discover that the HD is 5400rpm against the more standard 4200rpm and poor and that is not SATA and ATA as the first models of Aspire ONE marketed a year ago , Furthermore, the wireless module is of the mini PCI-E and therefore replaceable. He also discovered that the onboard 512MB of RAM DDRII are of Nanya at speeds up to 667MHz as well as 512MB of Samsung mounted in expansion slot, however due to the processor bus speed is 533Mhz for the whole system. My conclusions are that the Aspire ONE A150-BW is a pretty and well made car that pulled duty if it is not said that could be used only for web browsing or multimedia. Upgrades can be made up to 1.5 GB ram, HD with a bigger, maybe by 7200 and if necessary on the form of a standard wireless G can lead to a Draft-N with Wimax. Wishing for more enterprising is possible to replace the speakers because the stock ones are mostly the tweeters so with zero bass performance and a consequent feel miked. The thing that amazed me most of all is the Glossy screen type that with a resolution of 1024x600 on a 8.9 "offers a fine-grained images resulting in very defined. Maybe 600 pixels on the ordinate are not enough for certain applications but I found the bay screen 8.9-inch WXGA display with resolutions of 1280x768, which should resolve display problems with some applications and thus increase the definition. On this upgrade a bit 'unusual document myself but I do not rule out the feasibility, in fact, the only downside will be without certainly a drop in graphics performance due to the higher number of pixels to manage. E 'possible to install panel touchpad for those who move with the netbooks such as enabling those who hate me for not bringing the touchpad mouse. In the end I would say that the upgrade to 1.5 Gb of ram and maybe, but not necessary for those with HD 5400, HD with one from 7200, this is a PC that covers the needs of 70% user only to browse and watch movies, take more or less powerful laptop. Sull'A150 pity that there is mounted an N280 that would increase the bus 667 for the whole system resulting in increased video performance.
Sull'A150 HD sata with advice to install Linux, I will put my UBUNTU 9.04 Jaunty, the procedure is simple:
- UNETBoot download that is cross platform (Linux, uinzozz) or with Linux installed USB Startup Disk Creator
-downloaded image of Linux you want (but it could be the image of any other OS);
-after inserting a USB memory large enough (1-2Gb) launched the program referred to in the first image and choose the OS to install;
-reboot with the USB just created and inserted to set the bios to boot from usb as the first device and follow the installation instructions.
No more heavy antivirus in the background or any viruses that torture and more graphics will be really fast, even with compiz. I
with compiz active play quietly Enemy Territory ...


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