Thursday, February 15, 2007

Linsey Dawn Mckenzie - Rise And Shine

Vista for the illiterate? ECDL

Yesterday I had the opportunity to do some fiddling 'with windows vista a friend of mine. I do not think that much will come to my house soon. It will probably be preinstalled on the next laptop I will buy and will surely be a basic version or so. In fact, I do not intend to invest more time to flags. However, it is certainly a step forward. The attention on the appearance, the cosmetic , as I call it I would say is masterful. The care to make all input has been manic. What worries me is the fact that all operations are accompanied by icons large and showy. The impression is to make sure that it is no longer necessary to read but the icon along with the automatic face location. In fact, many people Law and badly, and perhaps this is a bad thing, but it is a fact. I also see that the icons are not so explicit but give me the impression that you seek the strange association of ideas. Two circular arrows may also be explanatory as history (I do think more of a charge ...) but a star for the favorites ..... I suggest a more misappropriation of symbols . The fact that with all these icons is possible for an illiterate (do not use this term with an accent offensive to charity but I am also referring to those schools has made them just that you do not exercise) I use a PC restless a lot. I can not get a ride from the front a novel Gibson, the father of cyberpunk, where we discover that one of the stars (what would now be called a hacker) in reality, although very good with computers, can not write and read absolutely terrible, only a few things. Who knows that another prophecy of this writer was not apt again. The PC becomes even more illiterate for all who know you use but in no way go beyond a certain point set. the perfect consumer to do to another wonderful science fiction novel by the name of merchants space not Gibson though.


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