Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Russıan Bare Beach

wii open source.

Today I want to tell you about a different aspect of open source.

A couple of weeks ago I fell in Sicily by Daniel Simon with my partner in the project framework. For those who already know me this is unbelievable. In this way, I met his whole family, all their problems and their way of life. Him I already knew in a virtual way and now that I can say I know also that I can not live thinking that open source is a great resource not only technical, but above all human. We try to understand: those who develop open source and provides the result of their work available to others, and received nothing in return is required to an act of great generosity. A selfish person is also very suspicious and impatient so do not waste no time behind a work of this type. So in general, anyone involved in open source are people full of confidence in other human caring and kind. If it is almost always look different just because they can not pull off what they have inside. And their families may not be that way. Of this holiday the best memory I have left is the magnificent sea or the beautiful monuments but the fact that he was part of this family for a few days. A family in many ways the same as ours, made of heart and selflessness. When we returned home we felt there was something wrong in our house: it was the silence broken only by the anonymous voice on the TV. It is open source has given me a lot, but the most important thing is knowing that we will never be alone among wolves. And there are four cats but we are many, again and again ... and now ever more divided.


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