Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Nickon Prostaff V Bushnell Legend

These days I made (disin) trainer for the course ecdl (the license of your computer:-O) of the ministry where I work. For charity 'nothing hard just for me and' doubly difficult to make these courses. Want to know why?


1) The PC is not 'a car.
L ' ecdl is the knowledge of the personal computer as if it were a thing to drive.
and I would rather say that 'something similar to the alphabet. An alphabet that as more people can read, can write less and less. And that's ecdl and badly taught to read.

2) computer and computer! = microsoft
This' more serious for me. Even accepting the formula driving the computer using the computer programs that come from diverse sectors. Not only microsoft . I would say that at this time and in the near future the market will microsoft software in contraction. Take a course claiming to be the bible of computer and do not mention any of the software does not know this microsoft unfair competition and interference in the market with a subtle instrument. I speak not only of free software in general but not all software office and windows. Of course I not blame microsoft for this I think there is interference For their part, but it is only a consequence of a too superficial to photograph the computer. With operating systems in truth but hints at something such as an inescapable reality as format pdf for 'ecdl simply does not exist. As there openoffice which is easily used in my office instead of MSOffice for several years without major problems except when then come into play details documents that they know they made on purpose.

3) The digital world is anything but immobile
The concepts are taught how to read the Bible. What will these poor learners in front of the ribbon of office2007 or new features' of after having memorized the positions of the various menus, or even in the face of a distraught office2003 you in the mood for some customization?

So if we can say the most interesting attempt, better than nothing, but you need to say something just seems to me optimistic. Perhaps I may be wrong but the correct way to pass a serious literacy education (that I could not for reasons I have time ;-)) and much much practice.

ECDL Rejected! :-D


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