Tuesday, November 7, 2006

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7 minutes

Hello, as usual, I have 7 minutes to write on the blog. There are already several days, well more than 7 in which I find the time to write. I posted on my porting archives.gp2x.de FloboPuyo a great game and fun. And take it 'was relatively easy and fun. the problem more 'big,' the music that I had to convert to ogg with an increase in the weight of the zip. With my pitiful connection (56k) were 2 hours to upload I do not know if am. It 's amazing to think how little time I spent there and how well and' come. Definitely the last past year to develop in php I have improved as a programmer and myself confronted with problems quite different from the usual left me the confidence to write the code even better in c.
When I look at the source sdlBasic I realize that if dovvessi write now would be very a bit better 'because they are more experienced and a bit' because they are more polished and determined. I do not know when it will stop 'to improve but that day will be' perhaps the worst of my life ....... because it will mean that the decline begins.


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