Sunday, December 24, 2006

Basking Shark Plush Toy


There we are!
And 'more' for a month now that they are "ubuntizzato. I changed the computer recycling to my brother, a fast amd64 with a gig of ram and a radeon card and so I decided to reinstall everything.
I put on the ubuntu distro, " only" the ubuntu distro. Windows there is no 'more', and is' for ever contained on the laptop with more fewer resources and less interest. I put the 64-bit fast but reasonably stable. Are not yet fully in place but in many surprising things ubuntu.
There are fewer than in mandrake wizard but the operations are easy and always stands out and I never had any major problems. The more 'serious' was a corruption of the file system into a home blackout that forced me to reinstall a number of packages. In fact, with mdk it 's never happened but the file system root of mdk reiserfs was the home to another partition, but here I'm using a single ext3 filesystem. Maybe it was better to have a more distributed approach. However, the data are stored on other disks and file systems in which only the most temporary files may be corrupted. Moving this blocked and not just my work with gaim and 'cause the greatest amount' of time lost in recent times. Fw still sneaking continues to sail towards stability '. rencentemente I found some bugs in sdlBasic rather graviper which I will have 'up their sleeves and get me back to work. not 'well planted in the middle' especially if it seems a job well done. Finally four words on the card radeon:
with linux sucks


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