Saturday, March 26, 2005

Cm Is Watery And White

London 26/03/2005 - 29/03/2005 # start

London 03/26/2005 to 29 - 03-05
  • Diary of bord Pre prelude:
Dear readers ...! What we like! Sorry for the vulgarity .. vulgarity syntax would (because they think that volevassimo be vulgar and maybe we should not have succeeded). And that is ...! Ohh! carma ohh come on .. and here it seems like everything ... and this and that ... ... ... ohh! Two little people to know that they would not even hurt a fly (will be worth more than a fly). We greet you with our face beneath your feet without even ask you to stand still .. you can move in and we shut up (sorry for the comparison with the fly). The little people with their faces to well do you know where.
  • ... Preludio Saturday at 7:30
We finally ... today and 'the long awaited day will soon pass eli, while I am doing a quick review of the list of things to forget absolutely nn before leaving with the feeling, strange on him, who knows that something is cmq forget' the same. . J, ah, there it is, I take your bags to the recommendations but to me 'and then I greet all the way home jak. the street elisa tells me his evening at the dress-code, which went to bed very late and so it's a bit 'tired .. but to me it seemed bright and smiling as usual ..: J by jak Here, he was ready and excited, greeted and taken just gets in his car's pace through the list of last-minute:
  1. sheet boarding
  2. credit card (post-pay is fine)
  3. Guide to London
  4. ID
  5. sheet hotel reservation
  6. phone
  7. cell charger x
  8. camera
  9. 111 + medical records
  10. portfolios
  11. umbrella
  12. k-wei
okay we can go, the next step square happy to take .. J arrive and also in the square was already calm 'them' that was waiting for us half-stoned from sleep, as soon as I think the message of the night before and I laugh, because he assured me that he would put 18 clocks and hired the band to do an x concert under his house if he had woken up ... nn J we say goodbye, gets in his car and takes off ... sorry .. we set off to Pisa's Galileo Galilei. We stopped for gas at Pontedera-east where the girls go wild in comments that I refuse to report on the ass of the gas station.! Bad boys !!!!!! But now and again in the blink of an eye you arrive at the airport, you Scariano bags and with the truck and enter. You just pick a ostessssss ground. Mora, nn too high, pretty face, a comforting smile .. a muse in short, a better way .. pussy, that made for us, inter alia, as nn reminds us of the boarding procedures, so 'the I call and ask for information .. You are very kind and sorridentissima explains everything and then takes his leave ... always with that smile on your face so much as to think of a facial paralysis. so 'we decide to send the luggage and while accompanying elisa serene to the usual cigarette smoke .. then we go to breakfast together, we have offered me and jak of course. Li 'were commenting, I remember, the joke that he had done shortly before jak .. and that means' that if he found an Arab with a long beard and turban on his head to queue for boarding would have refused to leave with the same air ... or I or J .. he said as he was soon there after breakfast we are being run xl'aereoporto window shopping and making fun of the usual "character" (scalziana word to define a character in the second floor but everywhere) Elisa falls for a very special showcase of handbags and so 'with the serene go to see .. while me and jak we relax a bit 'on the chairs and in addition to the asses of the women who pass by the window, we enjoy an x moment the idea of \u200b\u200bwhat to them 'to just become' our holiday in London. ... Just outputs and decide that 'the time and so' having hailed as befits our girlfriends and I jak pulls us .. Eli and evenings at some point they pulled out their handkerchiefs and waved them like they do in the movies the girls that greet the boys at the start .. for a moment there is almost sorry to leave, but a moment later we were already 'changed my mind .... J London here we come!! JJJ · Airplane flight ore10.30 at this time is' veering at least ... I think!? There 'jak and that' the window nn and loses sight of the wing, warning time to time on the swings .. L E 'lover was when I asked him,' and 'normal swing so that the wing'? Answer: You have two hours that the eye can see! JJ and so 'I'm reassured! fly and 'electrifying although I admit that when the engine started to rev up when the plane and' off the ground my feelings have changed a lot .. and that means' to be thrilled, excited, to anxious, worried I might almost say frightened (nn could look out the window) and finally resigned, I have had a reason and I could to enjoy the journey a little more 'relaxed, despite jak passed in 1000 to review ways to fall ... but a stravaffanculo jak! Jak: given that the "Count brac urges me to write something .. let's see '.. nn was nothing on TV last night, so I started to pack right away .. I think the government should pass a law to provide apparatus of parachutes. Ooh! We arrived there also is a time when 'put the pen even if the landing to "vulture" (as I call it' cause of the plane is losing altitude and speed x reminds them that the vulture is about to launch on its prey), we and 'cost a bit' in terms of stress ... A stanted will seize the train to Liverpool Street with a natural, almost sailed from London. The train is called expres stansted, in 40 minutes brings us to the terminal, the ticket is bought on the plane to a modest sum of 23 pounds (about 34 euros. But it is also the return x) as an alternative there ' lautobus costing the goal 'but takes twice as long. On the train gets a little 'Ciaccio and you know the guys from Turin, but I am greenhorn! On the first trip abroad in London and I know! Nn are "old sea dogs like us, and then J :::::::::: moved with compassion we give some tips on how to save coll'undergraund (the tube) the "tube" in short, as we'll call him from now on and I jak. fact, with the travel-card and a daily 'can travel whenever you want with the tube, and n alone, even with the "duble-Daker" the famous red double-decker bus that turning the streets x londinensi and characterize the landscape once again making the most 'unique moments and places that in the coming days we will turn far and wide .. (nn but those convertibles, those x, that we need a separate ticket attractions, train station and from which' Becker street, the ticket that I know how much nn 'including a registered guide in your language el 'boarding on a ferry that takes you on the Thames .. impressive .. do not you think?) That said, we come back to me and that from stansted expres jak go down to Tottenham Hale and from there take the tube in the direction of Piccadilly Circus (the "spike"). Finally .. here we are! nn could be said to have arrived if nn before us here in the heart of London, the meeting point for most 'famous in Europe, where they meet strange faces a bit of a beauty' disarming of ebony skin of a father and indigenous emerald eyes like diamond mestizo faces of new breeds like the millennium is beginning ... and so on. We are climbing the stairs of the underground and what we expect to soon behind that beam of light that shows us the exit, people and 'the peak, you just describe what we see out ... Ammisciii a Burdello of multijet Jent and multi-ethnic, 2-bus plans (duble dacker) a smell of fried food in the air that seemed to be the Mc Donald! we are in front of the building on the corner of Regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue that looks like a boomerang and where are the most 'large neon advertising unseen in the history of our lives. looked down and there appears a square in the face sliced \u200b\u200bby roads and lanes supertrafficate by people and machines, then we see "the fountain of the angel of charity ' Christian, "done in honor of philanthropist Lord Shaftesbury, and 'the emblem of Piccadilly and' a fountain surrounded by steps, where all who sit to rest for those who decide where to go to eat and people like us to take pictures. . Unfortunately nn had great success with Londoners who preferred to meet or rendezvous with another fountain with a group of statues representing "the horses of Apollo" on the edge of Piccadilly and the Haymarket, 'cause deemed a place more' chic .. Furthermore, the angel of charity 'and' all mistaken for the god of love eros. This 'despite (repeat) remains a of the most 'important where nn is the most' important meeting between the centers of London! And Europe! Now boys resumes suitcases in hand and go to the hotel which is located a few steps, in Regent Street, Regent hotel just .. You enter from the hole and the impression and 'bona much as are those that are at the reception .. J. Li 'and there' way back on the last thrill, and that means' find out if the booking was made or not .. 'cause you never know a ..!!! you compile a module becomes a bit 'in a row and then "everything is as it should go," luckily, we assign the room 8030 and so' is derived elevator and go to the bedroom and that 'the eighth floor .. After we lost to the labyrinthine corridors of the hotel room and there we go .. Nothing wrong way, it was thought worse, obviously hoping for the better! Them 'I noticed that the bathroom was in fact one and then I'd have to pay to annalisa beee! Now part (piu'noiosa) was over .. remained to be given a rinse in the balls and go to the first stage in the program, the museum of wax (wax) Madama Butterfly (Tussaud's). ... JJ. First you need to eat .. and you choose the x-Burger King is a beautiful jelly burgher in a tropical atmosphere to say the least ... it 'cause seemed to be the equator, x say in English, there have been 1000 ° farenheit .. oh, the fries were still fry in the bag ..! J du Cerano guys before us who was already 'a little' who were there '.. c'avevano some red faces seemed to light Dall'Ora! No joke ..::::::::: J Survivors also go out to lunch .. and we go where we will have a ticket x all'undergraund beckeer street where nearby is the museum of Madame Tussaud's. Just arrived We got in line, have been around 16:00 more 'or less, and what looked like a long row at the beginning, turns out to be' very soon ... peelleegriinaaggiioo J In fact, after about 1 hour outside a row, we found ourselves in a labyrinth of 40 minutes, and brought them more to jak 'times its melodic "is vaaaaa' viaaaaaa'!!!" but then ' resigned, and fortunately I would say seeing as he himself admitted, "and it 'worth it. it 'cause the line and the ticket price, 13 points (or cocks would say jak .. J) that are transformed easily into euro by multiplying by 3 and then setting and becoming x 2 (since 1 pound is about 1.40 euros and that 1 € is about £ 0'70) and we 'versus a' from stars with Flass entry of photographers surrounding us x then we find ourself in a large room where it seemed to be at a party full of jet-set celebrities', by Jennifer Lopez in passing Robert Jiuli x Britny Spears, until you get to Naomi Campbell, and many many other really. Jak and I have done with all pictures, even, I'm lying on the ground to see the famous panties Merilyn Monroe immortalized in the famous scene from the film "Some Like It Hot," where she is on a main air that lifts the skirt .. No satisfaction that guys .. you can imagine, everyone looked at me .. looked like a square in Livorno to Pisa, I think I've ever nn so ashamed in my life .. but J 'I did it! Then we moved to another room where we met Jorge Clooney dinner with anyone who wanted to keep him company and we entered the room and go beyond politics where the horns jak in fact the Queen Elizabeth under the eyes of his son Charles .. do you realize guys! With Fassi stuff stops'! and as if the gesture was enough nn umbrella to Hitler immortalized with the arm to make the move that distinguished him in the past x his ruthlessness and cruelty .. jak bravo! I have done in that room sound meditation with the blade dalay .. short and 'elegance this was really a wax museum nn .. but ended up here! Gia 'because' the rounds went on, and we should also see the museum of horrors, but we nn done on time and I would have eaten the nail of the feet with rage .. We tried and tried but it was too late now, and hear stories nn .. No one enters! then after a taxi ride to London in the past (none of which to be honest) we visited the planetarium here .. the beginning of the show and 'lover was, seemed to be in space ... really! but then, when the simulation 'game and the commentary was in English outspoken Doppo poo I broke the family jewels, jak instead had fun, .. guess what ...! Our visit to the museum madam tussoud's end here, Usce ndo we realize that it's raining and we decided to take the tube to return in the hotel .. Nn there 'nothing better after a day like this that make a nice shower and then once in the reception room jak called by typing the number 21 and a bit in broken English' undecided explains that we do shower .. poo comes after the Philippines, knocks, opens jak and she asks if we have two men jak confirms with a smile that betrays his canine Luccichenti battle and specifies that we are gay .. J nn nn you never know! she shows us showers, smiling, and then goes away. The showers would be a bad if the water was nn nn .. L can adjust the nose as a canvas send .. ie 'nn right, but the lava was the right temperature, the melting of lead x nn sure to take a shower .. J, jak called it "water in its gaseous state "..::: L but we have survived this! After dinner, a cheap dinner (2 pieces of pizza and two coche by gigi troione the situation) turns x Soho and infamous red light district of London, here it is full of sex shops and nigth with so much " whores sick on the door and vaguely reminiscent of the difference due to the sirens who seduced Ulysses leading him to the island of the sorceress Circe .. J ".. but we go beyond we go back to the hotel where there is 'a pub full of ghey soon find out ...: L birrozzo us to swallow a listen to some' live music, there caliamo No, but a little too much in that atmosphere .. J and then our evening goes on the road in the direction of Leicester Square where we go walking in front of the "great TROCADERO" and after a quick visit to Planet Hollywood (almost empty x others) we go back to bed .. pears as facts ..! as my mom says .. J after we made the bed and opened a secret meeting about who should get x switch off the light .. .. away from the beds, about three or four steps too ..! and so we left on Sunday .. JJJ hours: 8 / 9 here we go '.. beautiful awake and ready to go .. first off the luceJ then look at the window .. nn 'a great day, No rain but .. and 'already good way. We go out and go out and take the tube in the direction of Tottenham court .. This morning we decided to make the travel card goiornaliera that the modest sum of 4.50 points each allows us to run all day within two main areas 1-2, ie 'those which are concentrated in most places, museums and attractions to visit in London, and also gives you a chance to stand on duble dacker line, .. so if we think only in the normal way ticket would have spent an x \u200b\u200b2 points .. and 'convenient! We get to tottenam court and we decide to have breakfast before going to the British Musem. jak and I go into a coffee breakfast, while I take a cappuccino and a "let's call croissants, biscuits jack takes two giant and starts to talk to the attendant and that 'Italian de roma .. cci know her from all parts of the Roman sti .. to valeee! J While we are them 'you do breakfast we riorda that there' always finds a way to Scaria 'photos .. No problem with poo! We know, in fact the machine's memory full and it seems that the internet point nn are provided with USB ports, the boy says Roma de ce test 'a'nnà internet point them to a' close, but what we will do them 'nisba .. stracazzo How do you ', this is a "graaaaaande casino. " decide to postpone the problem and goes to the museum .. after a while 'for foreseeable contingencies (mess with the map ..::: J) we can find the museum near Russell Square! The image that you and 'made in the face makes us gape. seems to be in front of a temple of ancient Greece, whose borders are erased by a dense and flashy black finished in imitation gold .. front of us shows the facade of the majestic columns that rise to the apex of a wide staircase .. After the usual photos, let's go! The interior is equally impressive and after a short hall where we were literally affected by the light of that white marble that characterizes it, we begin to explore the various rooms on area. 1. Britain and Europe 2. Ancient Near East 3. Egypt 4. Greece and Rome 5. coins 6. temporary exhibitions all beautiful areas, really! But if you're nn museums and passions of fear to get bored soon .. We recommend starting with Greece, Egypt and Africa to the rest how beautiful it is, does the volume ...! the British Museum and 'one of the most' ancient and interesting museums in the world, and 'the tourist destination longer' Visits to London, now his collection includes about 7 million pieces through donations and by the controversial sacking of the British Empire. Of all the areas within it that ever struck us and 'Egypt for the magnificence of the statues of the pharaohs and the importance that covers the famous "Rosetta Stone" was discovered in 1799, and recorded in three different types writing (2 forms of ancient Egyptian and ancient greek) was the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs, which had been incomprehensible to scientists! But we continue the ride .. antechamber and 'a huge library that this king's library, made in 1820 and George III granted the library and what other benefactor saiddio English! jek in vaguely reminiscent of the movie "in the name of the rose." We also have two copies of the Magna Carta and one yesterday jon lennon .. this just to whet the curiosity! Beyond we found ourselves in a room where they are listed on the wall the names of all those who have donated in the past, so allowing their works to the museum 'to be unique and thus prevent .. only that it is really great and everything is really a mission impossible because we have other, many other things to see .. We have the time but 'to give a final advice if you will accept, invest 3.50 points xl'audio tour that will help you understand what you'll see .... but now to be honest after 3 hours and a more sen'ha 'desire Je .. then after a long and exhausting search for the processes x men .. really hard to find (jak had pain like childbirth .. J) decide to wash balls (a term invented by the House of andrea Ruglioni meaning of levamosi ULO). Once out we head to the tube but we have a suspicion that we carry with us now for a little 'time ..! is because 'this weekend in Italy changed the time, and since the time here than in Italy and' in less than an hour we knew nn if resetting the clock or not, that we created a few problems in reality '.. but when we asked a gentleman at the time and we realized that we traveled with a time delay made us smile ..' s idea that this morning we were woken up at 8 when in fact 'x 9 and all were when we arrived in front of the museum 10 am to ten credits to find it closed and we have seen open ... we thought it had been opened in advance, whereas the mancava10 11 .. not funny .. J (and see how 'easy ... wrapped in the false beliefs can close the eye .. but open up a museoJ). Then there comes back to the problem of photos if nn solve the 'birds x diabetics "(cocks bitter) .. back by the kitchen-boy friend of jak and we do indicate an alternative place ... will 'eventually solve all our problems .. J fact go to this computer shop and find a Filipino who speaks English and after half an hour of trial interrupted also taken from the call promptly reproached by jak I download the memory at a reasonable price puntiJ 7, now it starts off towards Westminster Bridge. Once there, 'take a ride in the area and pass in front of Westminster Abbey where we were already' been two years before, and 'one of the most' sacred of England, almost all of them were crowned its kings, the abbey and also 'managed directly by the crown, and many prominent people are buried there including Queen Elizabeth I and her sister Bloody Mary. Then we saw the Houses of Parliament and that 'neo-Gothic building where the most' famous outside of the building 'the clock tower (Big Ben). front of the parliament and I jeck we see a man grappling with a protest against the war when ordered by Bush but also backed by Blair and crown ( So I jek and we asked for a picture next to a picture that says "bush killer" and after we strinto his hand and gave a big tips .. then continue the walk towards Westminster bridge and begin to see the London Eye (the Eye of London) and 'really nice to see, and' a Ferris wheel 135 feet high, built in 2000 by the British in honor of the new millennium airweis . The wheel takes half an hour to go around on itself and will describe how 'after the show and offering' unique. For now we are going to make the ticket that costs less than 13 points, PRemote around at night because 'more' suggestive. Once I'm done fucking ticket we go out, we buy an ice cream (such as eating pizza the night before) and the flavor has nn eat overlooking the Thames .. J Then we decide to take a duble Daker and as' too early .. so 'we enjoy a little' view from the top of the first floor, we have a clear destination No we just want to turn because if the leg were more hidden nn 'nn eyes they had enough .. J At some point in the journey we found ourselves close to Buckingham Palace, the royal residence of the old babbiona .. when it is in London. We decide to get off the bus and head towards the Royal Palace which is located between two of the most 'important public parks of London, St James's Park and Green Park but nearby there' s also hide 'S Meks park crossed by a strip of water called serpentine but more' famous's park and to hide 'the Spicker' s corner .. a corner of the park where everyone can go to express their views on the matters most 'diverse ...::: J x even if experience (two times we were there) we have ever heard of politics and religion. we stop them 'for the first few minutes listening to the ravings of a Communist and then a black man who spoke of God nn honestly we knew a lot .. spoke too fast .. but the gestures 'were so chiariJ' as the scenes that we enjoyed for a while and we had to think of a thing this kind in Italy .. people who angrily confronts even without coming to blows ... impossible ... J made a home movie you sit on two chairs in the woods to rest a bit, 'and we were well managed until it has a little purse with a shoulder yellow .. and asks us to pay .. I jak and we look and we rinse the balls! Ohh! Here we are in Buckingham Palace, and I tell you now that 'a mansion enclosed by a high black gate finished in ormolu, and' guarded in front of the building there is' a square with the Queen Victoria Memorial 25 meters high built needless to say in honor of the queen. From there 'part of a long Street "costitutional hill" that divides the two parks. After shooting a bit for them 'you decide to return to the London Eye and we do it through the St James's Park where I managed to bring a little squirrel. The striking thing about these parks and 'beyond the quiet, clean ..! fact you are really well kept and even though we pass every day millions of people nn and 'likely to occur vandalism free. But here we are finally at the wheel, we're right on schedule, even though we missed a couple of streets .. J do little row, and finally part .. No wheel stops but never because of its slowness and a wide sidewalk pemette getting the fly in one of the many booths that contain about a 30ina people. begin to raise the quota and more 'climb over' the sight goes ... it 's beautiful I'm really happy to live an experience like that. London at night and 'really beautiful and full of colored lights is even more distinctly in the distance you can see Big Ben, down the Thames cut the show instead of a thousand bridges lit. the only discordant note is that my dizziness from time to time forced me to sit down .. but of little importance and J 'was good though! It does not seem but half an hour passes so quickly and 'go down on the mainland. Now it 's really late and then towards the hotel. Once there, 'I take a quick shower (I) j and k instead there is an hour ..! Nn I know what the fuck makes us one hour in the shower .. cmq .. makes me angry, people dress and go out for dinner. It 's really late and the Mc Donald and' so close ', we give to Soho in search of luck .. J nn In turn could help but notice the amount of sex shops that characterized those roads, so' the x end, we decide to go see how they are made .. There 's all vaginas and cocks of all colors and all size also .. J-propelled! A jak and 'was given a pair of pants with a condom instead built on the back I saw a toy that looked like a lesbian x saddle horse .. J incredible. But hunger increases and then go out and we start looking. After walking for a while 'we are faced with a gigi the troione who is also the "quebab" and so' I can convince them to dine jek '. I had never eaten quebab nn nn and I knew that there was one chicken, beef, faced with this choice I opted for the chicken, it's evening! To stay longer 'leggeroJ. jak instead takes a pizza, all accompanied from 2 birracce and a plate of french fries. jak Gurd eat me with disgust as you do with a leper, and I devoured the kind of flatbread bursting with chicken, vegetables and spicy sauce, which I believe, rather they are almost certain to be filled with the most famous of cayenne pepper (this' record for the lovers of dolls) when I raised my head from the savage meal (canto XXIII) the lips and tongue take me fooo! But I was happy .. cmq I tasted the quebab guys! And it 's good. greeted the good man and the maid bbona and started to rotate in the direction of Leicester Square. spent so 'even before the legendary Trocadero " nn entered but honestly too tired that night and so had 'drank jameson in a pub of the hotel and then we ran into three girls a bit' strange that jak tried a bit 'awkward to board while I was on the couch hole in a state of coma vigil .. poor jak ... Imagine no veil .. J with his canine Luccichenti that approaches the girls and begins arching his back and nail the finger at them saying .. excuse-me ... Porello selo are torn to pieces! And so 'we decided to retreat to our rooms waiting for us .. Jdomani instill wwwimbledon ... JJ Monday hours: 8 Mamma mia what jameson last night was just bono I slept like a stone, and apparently also jak, since they are already 'two times but I call him No one wants to know .. I'm thrilled this morning will finally see 'the temple of tennis, for me and' a dream that I bring back from an early age that is' when I played tennis in the house pretending to be chang, then 2 years ago we came close to coming here and make it but we were many and time was short, but most fell on the preferences Arrods .. thanks also to Michael .. nn apple forgot ...:: J Finally jak biliak necrophiliak (nickname affibbiatogli from .... Nothing population 'of - that: ... Mr. Markus O'Hara) has woken up and then leaves for Wimbledon. We go away and stop in front of Barrettini, always full of people and I must say well stocked. order and then we sit down and cry .. is because 'Oh well' we are at the "spike" but 4 meals a cap and a juice, that is 9 points' 13 euros ... Wow! Apart from spending the breakfast was to my liking, while J and K had something to say about who he had pasta stuffed with meat .. that sucks ..!!! Let's take the tube, Wimbledon is in Zone 3 and then pay a surcharge on the travel card that we had done the day before and spend about 11 points. To get there we have made a good half hour and once they 'we realize now that the environment and' well-neurotic dives from the center of London. fact once you get off and made the usual photo with the sign of Wimbledon, the first thing that catches the eye, indeed .. ears and 'the tranquility of this place! J We walk around us and there is a peace almost surreal compared to the chaos that we were "used". semi deserted streets and luxury villas to right and left with a lot of big car garage and garden in front .. agree that it was still early but no one could see nn within hundreds of meters ... J Fortunately There is a stationery store and open them 'we are made to teach the way .. so 'we set off on a road that seems endless paragraphs when you can see at some point check of the tennis courts on the right .. Yay ... and I think we have here is Wimbledon! But soon we realize that it '.. J a mirage, or a sports any better, we give them a look and cmq' while we were going to raise your heels and go beyond jek see a nice big, clean wall and asks me the marker to write "shit livorno" J.. oh nn believe it but when he wrote .. or three people have passed and if the j and k is made a little 'me ... but luckily per0 J' nn year saw ... J I took the opportunity to ask them where was the "the championships Wimbledon and discover 'that other Italians in front of me, we exchanged jokes and wrote two livorno muriJJ shit on, then there years indicated the direction and we are restarting ... The road 'still long and right now on our beautiful golf course is a full-blown. sincerely nn I had never seen any like 'beautiful, .. so 'No wonder that so much but an account' to see them on TV and another 'see them live and also jek stop and take some pictures .. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the golf course is finally sees the facility ... J continue walking and we are continuously exceeded by beautiful fie giogghing that make them and I think jek .. you know .. if there was Sandro's siuro moglieJ found here. But here we are at last.!. and at the entrance there is a guardian who asks us if we have the car, tell him no, of course ... and she invites us to do everything around that saw the entry on foot is on the opposite side ... ::::::: :::: L All I vaguely remembered the way "circunnavigazione Africa made by Magellan," and I jek and wounding each other because we did it 'at the junction had chosen the wrong path .. J Finally we enter the museum entrance and immediately found a piece of history, the first used car x mow the grass and the first machine to launch the balls .. x Then we climb the stairs and the walls are plastered with photos of all those who have won this tournament in both the men's field including the most 'recent Agassi, Sampras, Edberg, Becker, Ewit in the women's and Graf, the Hinghis , the Williams sisters .. Queen of Wimbledon and the famous dyke Navratilova, who won the tournament x 6 years in a row .... Nos incredible believe. Once we enter the area without the stairs and gadgets that 'even where the ticket will do £ 12 points. buy a shirt and then go head to visit the museum. The museum on the floor with a green carpet needless to say .. J is divided into rooms, all communicating with each other, where paintings and display cases with memorabilia in actual years successfully reconstructed the history of tennis and how 'born, how he became the sport we all know today. from the various attempts that have led to the invention of the tennis ball from passing the first balls stuffed with straw or sand, up to today's rubber balls. There was a room dedicated to shoes than those of wood used by Borg and Panatta to those in the latest generation of carbon fiber used by Federer for one thing. There was a whole room dedicated to Martina Navratilova, the true and undisputed queen of Wimbledon that she succeeded 'in convincing wigs (cone Biscardi would say) at Wimbledon pemetterle to wear shorts even if strictly white, breaking the tradition of "skirt" which hitherto was compulsory in that tournament x all the athletes. In that room there is a TV that shows the moments' of his significant victories. There is even a room dedicated to another great star of Wimbledon .. "Rain" that every year is timely to interrupt this great quermess .. But here again are taking action, In fact, there are plans to cover the fields. Then there's the trophy room, but the icing on the cake was definitely the view of the "center court". fact able to see the field where they played all the more 'champions of the tennis world will remain one of the most' beautiful memories of my life. But jek is giving signs of breaking big in the ass .. I do not know exactly when I realized .. if it was recorded when a home movie in that the usual phrase ... "you go viaaaa" or when he made a yawn stuff of envy to a bear came out of hibernation ... cmq 6 months I am satisfied, after giving a final look at the system we headed to the station. Take the Piccadilly tube x and once we make a good meal at Mc Donald and then as the days go by our friend the first Filipino to download photos. Today pero 'nn he was there, there was another that looked like a lot, maybe his brother J ... (for those who see or saw Simpson was the same .. "apu") cmq we downloaded the photos 5 points and then if 'taken the tube to go to Trafalgar Square to visit the National Gallery. Oh ... here we are here really worth it to dwell for a moment x describe what we face and all around us. A place where gradissima deployed to provide a grade a diamond can be found at the base obelisk with four huge lions that seem to guard the statue made in honor of Admiral Nelson won the momentous battle of Trafalgar which gives the name of the square and that rises to the summit of the obelisk, a short distance there are two beautiful fountains, one on the left and one on the left and then arrive at the National Gallery, where in recent months are conducting a major renovation of the facade. It 's a beautiful day and the place is packed with people so' jek myself and decide to enjoy the atmosphere and take some pictures. Did I A photo jek made on the back of one of those lions and some other very big at the scene .. then we decided to enter. entrance as in most public museums here and in London 'to offer free .. then J The National Gallery has more' than 2,000 paintings of western Europe, but the most characteristic 'of this extraordinary museum is the quality of such works. fact, there are masterpieces by Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Renoir, etc. ... we informed the front desk to obtain the audio guide and I have to say 'was essential and allowed us to deepen their knowledge of works to inexperienced eyes nn as our intuition would have hinted and style of its illustrious author. Now .. nn could explain the audio guide as 2000 works had been set more 'or less like this': explained for each room or a maximum of 2 works in Italian and this would be a great casino nn if the map indicated that we had been given with works explain the numbers match .. in fact it was so nn '.. example: If the picture in the room 9 No. 25 was to be described in Italian, when we went to type the number nn nothing happened .. soon realized that "the whole world is country .. as it says Irene Grandi!, We remember the song .. million million homes and colors, who knows "but oh well ... that's another thing J said, we realized that the whole world is in the country without even the British who are so indicate, are actually nn so 'different from us .. if you pay a service passable, wit '... .. t'arrangi J and J and K and I have done just as well' as good Italians abroad we have arranged. Every time you entered a room we shared and those to the right and left who are key in the numbers of all the works until he was the one described nn ..: J who found it called other things .. a sort of treasure hunt that made it even more 'fun .. J Unfortunately nn we were able to turn around the museum, but the works that we saw we enjoy to the end and I realized how an apparently normal can hide within himself passions, suffering, feelings as well as important information for the period of historic which its author was one ... a really immersive experience. alas The museum is about to close, and though with great regret I jek and we are invited to come out. the door before going out we stopped at the bar where we had the audio guides and riconsegnamo. LI we are asked, and I offer that I had already given at the time when we were handed the runners, I got in a hurry and fury to find the receipt, but without success .. We tried to make him understand that I had already given .. No, but I think it served much, or at least believe that we have ... so we went from bums .. J happens too wrapped up no! Outside the National Gallery we sit a little more 'on the steps of the square to admire the beautiful scenery and even then we're going to take a bus that will take us' to Carnaby Street a few steps from the "spike" and so' let's go back to the hotel in prepare to spend the last night in London. After we rested a bit 'and especially now after the usual hot shower get ready and go dinner. Nn Tonight we agree and so 'before we move from Mc Donald, where j and k will take' a paninaccio and a coke, and then you go to the gigi troione quebab to eat. them while we eat a bit 'of knowledge with the waitress so beautiful ... Her name is Svetlana Russian, vaguely resembles the rock singer Avril Lavigne has 17 years and works like them' as a scullery maid, but has also studied and the boy short, a life quite busy, too busy for us than we would have tried an adventure .. J It 's very nice but' and will 'thanks to you and the valuable advice that you jek covincerà to let A visit to the TATE musium tomorrow supporting my proposal to go to the Tower of London. dinner over Svetlana greets with great regret and he jumps into the fray. walked past once again in front of the immense TROCADERO xl'ennesima time and after we put the question .. but he knows how to enter? which followed the same old answer, look at that row .. then we are dressed badly want fuck what saddo .. etc. .. we stopped shortly after in a very nice little shop where we buy postcards and little thoughts to our friends. But now 'is only one thing left to do ... go dance! Nn we can certainly go home without having seen a nightclub in London .. J Cosi 'walk away, the boys that give free tickets to a nightclub where x nn remember the name, I take one convinced that he had taken jek .. and you go at the disco, but once inside they want to pay the tribute that I did jek .. and so 'let's go out and look for another gift from the good Italian ..: J, and once we find them back' do homage to the bouncer and by peaceful ... at one point when I'm calling from behind ... not enter you pay .. kan ..! whereupon I realized that we had recognized, and we wanted to make him pay .. but we went in culooo .. J It changes course .. who believe a drink that is .. we drank, we wanted to have just the satisfaction of entering free! We had so much .. celo deserved ..:::::::::::::: J And so 'going to Leicester square, we review the various clubs have been discarded in accordance with the following criteria:
  1. row too
  2. too expensive
  3. overdressed
  4. Arabic too (fucking c'avevano all the turban on the head)
then we are faced with a nightclub called SOUND excuse me the question where to enter is free? The bouncer (a veritable wardrobe of color) says, "is nathing free in England "so 'we give him 5 points and enter. The place nn nn is bad but the music is much, gender is a very urban kind, X intends, music like eminem. So nn was appropriate for us! disgraced drunk and 9 more pounds in the past half an hour after they 'go to bed .. The evening went well all things considered, we could hardly expect more nn 'nn daily rhythms infuse the nost allow us to arrive in the evening in great shape .. Tuesday '8:00 am eight o'clock and we are ready to enjoy the last day of London. We've made it fast and furious suitcases and we left in storage (2 points per bag) apr 'concierge. Before leaving a look of obligation to the strophic behind the desk and then off to take the tube to London Bridge, where nearby is the Tower of London last leg of our holiday in London. Today on "the tube" is a special atmosphere .. different from other days, we breathe a different atmosphere, more 'dark, cold, for London is working day and each one is absorbed in thought or prisoner. I observe them, and I seem to be in a photograph, no one takes a step, all still, motionless, seemed to breathe nn Nor .. until you opened the door and the recorded voice, saying "mind the gape" (eye to drop) and broke the awkward silence accompanied by the sound of brisk and determined people who went to work. will seem a bit 'sad as a description, and nn' ever so ', at the weekend x on the tube as there was more' No light-heartedness, but you expect the confusion (or human warmth as I call it .. ) that are used to find in Italy ... you would be disappointed .. Anyway we arrived .. we just have to have breakfast, and in this respect we find a distinctive niche in front of the Tower of London where we a generous continental breakfast taking 2 brekfast. I'll describe it: A real blowout .. since we found ourselves in front redone beans, sausage, toast, bacon, eggs, and so on and so forth .. all very good, belonging to the coffee, which of course nn has nothing to do with what we used to be us. The place where we were eating in a short time and is' filled with over 60 tourists, a trip .. pensioners who probably made me think of "fantozzi retire" and in particular the trip to Venice, organized by the INPS, which had been transformed with a secret vote of the Grand Lodge of the National Social Security Institute in Neutralization social parasites Institute estimated a savings of at least 2 billion for each group of 30 retirees organizing trips aaageeevolaaatiii senzaaa ritornooo! Thinking about this and I jek we made the big laughs .. J After breakfast (which we spent x 8 points) we finally enter the TOWER OF LONDON. Started during the reign of William the Conqueror (1087) has remained almost unchanged x 600 years, this castle is one of six monuments most 'important of the country and one of the four monuments of London are of global concern. It consists of a group of buildings including the White Tower in the heart of the complex, which was a Norman building mostly occupied by a collection of guns, rifles and armor for men and horses made by the Royal Armouries in Leeds and around which the kings Henry III and Edward I ordered the construction of two masonry walls with 13 towers, one internal and one external with five towers. You enter the complex through the west gate and we are immediately in front of the bell tower where Thomas lived, the author of "utopia" that was' locked up in the tower waiting to be executed xche 'nn accept' Henry VIII as head the church in place of the pope. Continuing through the water walls in lane I and J and K we stop at the information desk to take the legendary x audio video tutorials digital satellite tuner, where the inevitable Roman burino ce lent to them from wear rates, but that once again prove to be essential and valuable for the visit. We go out and find ourselves next to the Traitors's gate (the doors of traitors) from where the enemies of the crown reached by river came to be imprisoned in the tower x: it was one of these when I was still Princess Elizabeth (the ancestor of the old babbiona (Penzo)). At one point, despite all the advanced technological features of which we had with (marianna mpeshtata) we lost the same, and in a desperate attempt to find the right way, one way streets and taken backwards steps over and over again we decided to give up and, though humiliating, we are down to seek help from a FIA just sixty years ago must have been the stereotype of the Aryan race that Hitler dreamed. Obviously we do not understand a shit. Jek seems luckier than asking a civil servant who was sleeping on his job .. in fact he does not understand a beloved saw (although native speakers of English) and when trying to explain that there are guides in several languages, including Aramaic, exclaimed "yes do speak for" And miraculously the employee laughs .. not to believe ... did not understand a shit about anything and goes to understand the joke! Bbha! In bed between the towers and Wakefield will see the famous white canaries the Tower of London: according to legend, in fact, if one day these birds were to escape from the cage, the monarchy would fall with a new October revolution. Cosi 'since this legend was read to Charles II there have always been at least six sparrows (crows) with their wings clipped to ensure that nn escape. Nearby are the Bloody Tower where according to legend were murdered Edward V and his younger brother to make sure that nn might have claim to the throne. of these crimes is held accountable, but also Richard III Henry VII. Nearby is the queen's house where he spent his last days in front of them and Anne Boleyn, the famous tibolo where in Tudor were killed 7 people, they 'did the work Zozzo fact, that' the beheadings were carried out those uncomfortable that the people had to see nn fact. little more 'on the Waterloo Barracks, which houses the crown jewels. But the Tower of London offers other interesting attractions including the WALL WALK (walking on walls), which starts from the thirteenth century salt tower (the tower where it was probably manufactured gunpowder) and ends at the Martin tower which houses some very old crowns including the most 'illustrious' that of George I. We obviously do the walk on walls and then we're going to return the audio guide pay a 3-point x and we rinse the balls. exiting the tower of london tower bridge we go on a few pictures and then now that "if 'na made certain" as they say in Rome, he returned to's hotel. Once there, 'we take our bags and going again before the miticissimissimo TROCADERO, we head in the center of the "spike" a last photo on the steps of the angel of love No hidden away anyone breathe a little' smoke smog x excellent city and then take the tube to Liverpool Street where we expect the coincidence of the train in 40 minutes brings us to Stansted, where we finally manage to write postcards on which stands the infamous of all the one written in ancient Aramaic written because Simon J ... Once we've sent to Stansted and then after a passing meal purchased, however, remained with the small change we headed to the check-in and once we passed all the checks climbed on the plane back home .. x The start gave me a bit 'agitated, but already less than the first leg, perhaps because I was getting used to infuse between departures and landings was the fourth flight in 4 days, J and K was very peaceful .. everything was as it should go ... The return trip was long enough to fly back with the permettermci memoriae go these days made of long walks, to wrong paths of files in front of the museum's absurd hot showers, a desperate search for internet cafes, but also of many laughs, many things seen and learned so much about London that through this experience today still feel a bit 'more' ours. Brac & jek Post scrittum .. I know you feel something is missing .. as you have the sensation that a missing piece to the puzzle .. I know what you would like to know you .. I know you're wondering veil Know that we asked him to x all the time we .. Nn But we never "dared" to inform .. The question we would like to do .. and '... and '... And' ... EE ' What the fuck is the TROCADERO? guys ... you're on the internet .. cercateveloJJ A possimamo mica divvi all of us!! JJ


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