Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fustration Rummy Card Game Rules

August 2, 1980

Copied from a picture in the bar of the Bologna train station:

heartbeat of people
station of the beautiful Bologna.

was a blue and sunny morning
on 2 August of that year eighty.

The people passing through on vacation or
was returning from holiday.

were people happy and carefree.
were all there, children, mothers and grandparents.
And not only Italians, but Swiss and German
and even further afield.
people with beliefs and feelings
certainly different, through no fault
for certain wrongs that abound from us.
loved Italy and came
were confident of being treated humanely
of being treated with kindness.

In the second waiting room full of people with suitcases

parcels with a hundred handbags

perhaps there was not enough to give one more place to place other people. But they did
off by the executioner and urbanely
among the innocent.

For him gently a little 'space
perhaps a mother on her knees began caring

the girl smiling assassin unaware

The bomb placed it in the place given to him
and thanking demon smiled. Then the work satisfied his

found an excuse to get away
not without first having had a look at all those people who

condemned to die mercilessly tortured
them, in the station.

And it was the Apocalypse! The bomb explodes

pulverized the mother and child.

dismembered, beheaded, he mush
informed of what ignorant people
trusting and innocent.

More than eighty people dead
for a non-political beliefs and brutal! How much pride

for the criminal who had fulfilled its mandate well
so perhaps he was also paid.

Sing it to the wind! Sing it to the hells your heroism
this vile and damned. Tell your brothers

Justice is done! I am great!
I am the Executioner's big day!

Tell your kids and tell your wife
As you have been great cowardice

what you have been ignoble

the second in August of that year eighty


look in the mirror and swollen breast satisfaction

make a nice smile and say

even yourself!


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