Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wedding Quoates In Samoan

these days Hello I bought two interesting books recommended by several friends: the first is the
secrets and I have not read it yet. Since I have already seen that and 'the light very well written for the second ..
The other is this nice book very readable lu the title a bit 'strange: 4 hours per week.
The original title was translated from the 4 hours working week and this I must say that I was blown away for a while '. Nono could in fact find it. A book at least
original so that explains a bit selfish as to preserve and save time delegating to work less and basically everything proprio.Il melody to get in to enjoy his money. It has not sense lavoraree prorpio not enjoy the fruit of the work or wait for the board to do what you want to place to get there ....
Many aspects of the book I disagree: I do not think my job properly trimmed to a person just because it has the misfortune to be born in a poor country seems to enjoy it and a few operations I think are a bit 'selfish, However, the plant and 'healthy. in fact I consider myself a person effective but not efficient: as I understand this and 'according to the author a good thing. In fact, I do work with remarkable speed but are often in need of repair. Guilt of my emotionalism 'that brings me to have a rollercoaster of emotions but at times it gives me an incredible speed and efficiency.
I still have to finish the book but I feel already now advise: Do not take at face value all the same suggestions, but valued the opinions of Tim, a special person in a special world.
you like to work only four hours a week? I will:-D


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