Tuesday, January 1, 2008

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a virus?

Hello today at the beginning of the year I came across a problem that put me in trouble for a few hours. All'acensione laptop running the system clock like crazy, one minute every 5 seconds, all accelerate animations. In short, the first of the year, an unusual strange problem, a virus?.
Let's have a look at the register, the suspect items abound. We begin to erase some ..... nothing he does the same. Let the hard way. Safe mode works fine here ...! It 's a software problem and certainly a virus. We look the other computer on the Internet to see if 'a virus. Strange no problem I'm complaining .....
us try anything ..... ok load an antivirus I give up. Pero 'last minute I remember one thing ..... Yesterday I disabled the internal modem because I was fiddling with the phone ...... and I re-installed a wrong driver ........ . ah, and 'not installed yet. Let's try to uninstall it and reboot ..... Back in
place !!!!!!! It was just a phony driver that came into conflict with the system.
Morale? Before thinking and that 'a virus must make sure we do not we have done something wrong ..... viruses seen today and are just a few visible damage, if the damage is visible, and 'almost certainly a bug or a wrong maneuver our ....


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