Sunday, December 30, 2007

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Alcor Life

Hello sdlBasic and 'broken in this year's end.
I am working to create a model more suitable to current times. Since 2003 it's water under the bridge and 'EEI past several rivers flow fast computer, very fast.
Actarus not 'was certainly the most successful version of sdlBasic. I was busy
There were also hidden in other emotional problems that I have a little 'stuck. Now I'm taking piano pious and I am starting to play around with the code. Increasingly complex. I decided quite a lot 'of things. Plan and 'mainly decide.
1. Alcor in the new version of sdlBasic there will be 'a greater division between runtime and compile ide.Si separately even with different instruments.
The Windows version of the ide works quite well. You can not 'say the same version of linux that has a lot of problems
2. static compilation. SdlBasic no getting away from now on will be 'always filled only in static version without dependencies. runtime (sdlBrt) compile cross platform in all of my trust ubuntu.
3. the sdk to compile will be distributed along with the source from sourceforge. Fill sdlBasic is becoming increasingly difficult to code than I need to provide the tools to be able to compile it.

these things are already decided.

inltre I think of new solutions on the front testing and post development.
accepted ideas:-D


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