Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Were Is Cp Legal To Watch

APAD 8" by Utopia (M801) disassembling

Hi, after my last post about this tablet I take knowledge that the internal 4GB rom was reached by a microSD class 4 and to be sure about it and to upgrade my tablet 4GB to may be 16 or 32GB I disassembled it. To start disassembling you must first remove two screws in the bottom side vertically looking the display. May be the two screws are covered by two little warranty void stickers, you must remove them. After with a little plain screwdriver start removing the touch panel long the edge between the black edge and silver edge. There are many hooks, slowly unlock them and pay attention to the internal cables, in the middle bottom and in the middle left side. To remove the lcd panel too unscrew the four corner screws.
Here the images of the tablet opened...

The rom is a microSD 4GB class4 as announced and I was happy to be sure about it, now I can upgrade the tablet with a faster and bigger microSD 8/16/32 GB class6. What I thought to modify is the microphone hole, to make one larger may be on the panel on the black side upon the microphone, may be change also the speacker with a best one, faor this I have two speakers from my netbook AOA150 wich changed with better speakers some time ago.
Also change battery it's not difficult having a little bit soldering experience...
Interesting would be reach some usb ports and may be can change the webcam module with one at least VGA 640x480 pixel.
Hope to be helpful 4U again!


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