Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where Is My Pse Organiser

Letters 2011

Hello Lorenzo
now I found a place with free internet and I I'm watching videos and studying a bit Chaurasia 'theory. helps me so much watching as playing.
the Sun is always better, but still sound and improvisational feeling and something is coming out. I start to get familiar with the intervals and ear improves. I do not follow any melody or text perticolare 'cause even the concentration does not last long and the fingers intersect if I start to think about the note to be played.
but if I play by ear free to go pretty well. I find that I like sequences and try to repeat and shuffle slowly and the people around me do not complain and even encourage. to continue. it is also about finding a balance between sound and silence, after all


Hello Lorenzo!
how are you? How's life on Langka? (It sounds almost Indian)
is a piece that no one sees and does not feel the last time in Vicenza was a meeting
lightning, then I tried at the end of the presentation but were
renew the desire and the desire to meet you once, but clearly where
might be able to play together at least an hour .. I'm practicing a lot with
bansuri and I must say I am very happy, very rewarding
(personal), something fire, Indian music is shaping me and I feel much more clearly
scroll and began to understand its function, certainly the most
I think I have taken the step on the road that shows you how difficult that
road is long and steep, but at least now I see! and it seems to
Sometimes when you follow and how should I refer to the practice, ie
and at least 2-3 hours everyday ... that releases some sweet, sweet
that something that makes you say "yes, that is really worth to go!
let me know if you encounter a few or go somewhere or do some
concert cerkerò venire.sto to undertake to meet

Dear Lorenzo, I hope the new year started in the best way for you and your family.
I am writing to ask you a favor, or if I can build a bansuri derived from a human femur.
Of course I realize the strangeness of the request but ultimamerte my research and my musical studies concern on 'esotericism, the' occult and, in general over all that is called parapsychology. These interests are cultivated by a life and have had strong boost from the study of Indology and, above all, from what I've taught with the bansuri and the precise way connettre the sound of this instrument with the "fine spirits". The strumerto I ask you to fasten idealmerte Tibetan flutes made precisely with human bones and whose function is to retrieve the dead. I realize that the instrument may not have the characteristics of perfection they have reached your tools? But I'm sure the sound that you can give will serve the task I have set. A lot of things I think is better to talk to your voice but still look new.


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