Saturday, November 6, 2010

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seminar in Milan

4 / 5 December 2010

The Seminar
and 'addressed to all lovers of flute
any level
and to other instrumentalists and singers
interested in exploring the musical aspect of the raga
and improvisation

Classes are held according to the classical tradition of ' India of North

The music is taught through repetition of exercises of stairs
different raga
emphasizing through singing and listening to oral learning.
E ' advisable to wear comfortable clothes to sit in the lotus position
bring material to take notes.

Particular emphasis will be 'placed on posture, intonation
, on technique and fingering classic of this ancient instrument
also will explain the basic theoretical aspects of Raga and Tala. (Modal scales and rhythmic cycles).

During the course of lessons
introduce 'a raga in the morning and one of evening
well as some pentatonic raga played and sung.
played mostly in shades of Sol and Mi.
Who should you lack
tool will be 'loaned for the duration of the seminar.

For information contact:

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