Monday, October 18, 2010

Police Calls Frequency Guide

nm-applet does not appear in most bar

nm-applet is an applet in ubuntu crucial.
from her internet connection and depends on the network and these days a PC is not connected to a network is of little value ...
Ok: the geeks pull up the connection as and when they want.
geek too but I have not and I found myself without this valuable improvvisamenter applet.
I was at my cousin and I have configured the connection of my modem on the unfortunate ubuntizzato netbook telecom
As usual, the connection is pppoe and if not then I can live with and launch pppoeconf
all right part of the connection perfect. Except that next time you restart the applet in question disappears.
Disaster no connection. I omit the-minute panic and the various invocations to various saints and spirits, and I give you the soluziione:

pppoe disables icon nm-applet from the notify area.
to reactivate just replace with true instead of false in

/ etc / NetworkManager / nm-system-settings.conf


[ifupdown] managed =

and simply restart
Everything back in place and you can also activate pppoe simply typing in console

pon dsl-provider


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