Saturday, August 29, 2009

How Soon Can I Wear A Corset After Giving Birth

cognition outsourced

As usual I'm always looking to smell the future. Sometimes we take it and sometimes not. In this case I'm pretty sure he was right.
Both of web 3.0 and augmented reality it is spoken for quite some time.
The Web 3.0 is the concept that the information is highly automated and production as well as with tools that use the process without human intervention.
Augmented reality is a form of virtual reality that incorporates real-world context computer-generated elements.
These two concepts already in their revolutionary when you merge leading to a new paradigm: the externalized cognition.
also want to look at this is not a new concept: a guide of the phone is an instrument of cognition outsourced, but the ability to process information independently and automatically merged with reality in an integrated way to deliver the product directly in the preparation of this ojects reality perceived by inserting computer-generated in real mink door once applied to an exponential rise of the concept. If you then applied on a large scale will lead to move information from the human mind to the device will no longer need to remember the name of this monument: just point and tell us that the iPhone by cos '
Or is even more explicit in the car or in a room, you hear a song you like to pick up the phone and can tell you that this song is someone who' s wrote it and where to buy it or hear it if 'on youtube or elsewhere.
This is obviously the starting point. The result will be a world in which people need not worry too much about news and recall information, and then focus on concepts, on the concrete. As well as categories of mobile phones have made us dimenticarei telephone numbers of these technologies will make us forget and much more as they improve human-machine interfaces will become increasingly invasive. The human mind is shifting into the computer? maybe and maybe not. Certainly the man machine integration will greatly increase in coming years and with it our dependence on them .......


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