Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Is In South African Boerwurst?

we are sure that is the right way?

During this time I'm attending the Compvter. It 'a kind of museum association retrocomputing ie machines that have made the ancient history of computing. Dino has a great passion and has put together a fleet considerably. It also wants to put these machines in motion, and so I found myself really put his hand on a computer as old as the Comodore 1280 or even a texas instruments ti99!
Get your hands on old machines so clearly shows the evolution of computing. In fact more times then I wondered if the way chosen is the best. For example we are so very sure that the windows mouse and multitasking are so essential? The loading and running programs that send a single command rather than separate the loading into memory by executing'm not sure it is a choice that much sense. The fact of having a direct access to hardware, the so-called metal blasher, instead of access through layers of intermediate software, it makes things very efficient. If a modern os had a similar approach with a hardware under certain innarrivabili and performance would probably be better than existing systems. The fact that you have start the machine immediately ready for use by food for thought. Sure
machines then they also had a lot of quirks and flaws, syntax at the point of absurdity bottlenecks very stupid and intrinsic disorder. A mix of rationality and old would be an interesting experiment.
Who knows what would a multicore machine with an operating system such as the C64 ...
then I wonder if the road is the best choice ....


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