Friday, April 11, 2008

What Races Do Turner Syndrome Affect

Unmountable boot volume

I happened up a WindowsXP pc with a serious problem:
to boot a few seconds later came the fatal death blue screen that says
Unmountable boot volume

Normally in these cases there was so much to think about them: formattone and go!
However, in this case the problem was to save at least the

So I asked around and through the shared knowledge that the modern tools we offer messaging I found a solution that now put them out.
I do it because the solutions were all in English and therefore not accessible to all.

It 's possible to solve the problem by rewriting the boot sector.
To do this is to enter the emergency console that you can 'boot from cd installazionre of winxp.
So the first thing to do is start the computer from the Windows installation CD and press r .
Then from the console you would type:

chkdsk / r

It will take a long time, even hours. E 'longest to perform the operation then

chkdsk / p

This does not take away that last few minutes

fixboot c:

Ok we!
Then type exit to restart

the boot if everything 'went well (to me the first time :-)) the pc will reboot' as usual.

Riki and I thank Jack Daniels for valuable help.


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